Getting It Done

I’ve been home a long time. The whole month of September! One of the things I love about being an owner/operator is working when I want. So tomorrow I hit the road again, and I have no plans to get back home until thanksgiving. It’s a price to pay for month long vacations.

Anyway, I’m cooking food for the road and getting things done around the house. I hope you’re getting things done too.

Breakdown in Tucson

The Camshaft is wore out

I’m in Tucson, AZ for a few days while my truck is getting a new camshaft installed. I started hearing a noise from the engine that sorta sounded like something thumping, or knocking in a weird way. As I continued heading to LA from Florida, it became more apparent that I had a problem that needed to get checked. So on Monday morning I stopped at the Volvo truck shop in Tucson, AZ. They diagnosed a cam had worn down on #2 cylinder’s exhaust rocker. The repair estimate is $5540, and that is a big set back.  Fortunately I did not have to get the load I’m under repowered, and the load I had booked back to Nashville is still mine to pick up.

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 6

Family Life While on the Road

I’m joined by my family in this episode, and we talk about the ups and downs of family life while I earn my living over the road.  You will hear my wife and three daughters talk about what it’s like for them.  So join us in our conversation.  In a nut shell – it sucks.  But the job does give me the income I want, and it fits me well.  That’s why I do it.

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 5

Why I Love Being an Owner/Operator

In this episode I talk about why I love being an owner/operator.  Plus, I give you a run down of where I’ve been since the last episode.

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 4

CB Lingo

Join me in this episode to learn about the lingo used on CB radios.  I also bring you up to date on where I’ve been running loads.

My Home Away from Home

When gone for long periods, it’s nice to have a home with you along the way

Being on the road away from home for long periods of time can really suck. Fortunately for me I have a pretty nice home on wheels that I live in throughout my travels.  It is a 2012 Volvo 780. It’s an eighteen wheeler, in case you were wondering.  So while I’m hauling freight all over this beautiful nation, my home away from home, and my bed, is with me on every mile I cover. At any time I want, everything I need is with me – except a shower. Yes, I have a toilet in the truck, and it’s a lifesaver at times!