My Home Away from Home

When gone for long periods, it’s nice to have a home with you along the way

Being on the road away from home for long periods of time can really suck. Fortunately for me I have a pretty nice home on wheels that I live in throughout my travels.  It is a 2012 Volvo 780. It’s an eighteen wheeler, in case you were wondering.  So while I’m hauling freight all over this beautiful nation, my home away from home, and my bed, is with me on every mile I cover. At any time I want, everything I need is with me – except a shower. Yes, I have a toilet in the truck, and it’s a lifesaver at times!

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 3

Sharing the Road

In this episode I catch up with you on all that’s been going on since the last episode, which really was a long time ago.  The main topic in this one is about sharing the road with each other.  A few insights on what affects the way we drive, from regulations to the laws of physics (in other words – weight).  Listen in and maybe we can help each other while we share the road together.