The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 6

Family Life While on the Road

I’m joined by my family in this episode, and we talk about the ups and downs of family life while I earn my living over the road.  You will hear my wife and three daughters talk about what it’s like for them.  So join us in our conversation.  In a nut shell – it sucks.  But the job does give me the income I want, and it fits me well.  That’s why I do it.

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 5

Why I Love Being an Owner/Operator

In this episode I talk about why I love being an owner/operator.  Plus, I give you a run down of where I’ve been since the last episode.

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 4

CB Lingo

Join me in this episode to learn about the lingo used on CB radios.  I also bring you up to date on where I’ve been running loads.

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 3

Sharing the Road

In this episode I catch up with you on all that’s been going on since the last episode, which really was a long time ago.  The main topic in this one is about sharing the road with each other.  A few insights on what affects the way we drive, from regulations to the laws of physics (in other words – weight).  Listen in and maybe we can help each other while we share the road together.

The Long Haul Life Podcast Episode 2

A Quick Update

A quick update on the Long Haul Life Podcast – it’s not over!  It’s been a busy 4th quarter for 2017.  I do apologize that there hasn’t been a new podcast in quite some time.  There will be a lot of new content coming in 2018.  I will get podcasts out on a regular schedule.  Plus, I have plans for video content on YouTube!  That’s where I hope to convey what life on the road is like.

I’m looking forward to all that 2018 is going to bring!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 1

Hours of Service

Podcast-My first podcast!  I give a little introduction about myself and talk about Hours of Service that drivers have to abide by.

Official Website –


Getting My First Podcast Produced

I’ll have a new podcast out soon where I will talk about the stuff I do and see out here on the road. Along with that, I’ll bring in topics that are truck industry related to help you understand what we put up with. I’m recording the first episode tonight, so it will be out there for you in the next week.