Mile Post – 000,000

There are so many things I get to see while driving all over this beautiful country of ours that I want to share them with you.  I will call these posts “Mile Post – ” with a mileage amount that coincides with the amount of miles I have driven so far for the year.  I’m starting with zero miles for each year instead of my total life miles on the road because I would have to spend a lot of time, and who has that much time spare time, to calculate all the miles I have driven in big trucks in my lifetime.  My guess is I am close to 3 million miles so far.  But guessing just won’t do.  So, I will start at zero.

These posts will be about anything I find interesting along the way as I’m going down the road.  I will share whatever seems interesting.  And I’ll include photos and video as much as i can to show it all for you.

Welcome to Long Haul Life!

Welcome to the world of long haul trucking!

Hi!  My name is Russell Roberts. Come along with me and see what happens out here.  Get a feel for what the life of an over the road trucker is like.  I will do my best to show you what I go through with photos and videos in addition to writing about it.

I am an owner/operator pulling flatbed loads all over the country. I’ve been driving big trucks since 1988, with a mix of local and over the road driving. Mixed in there, I also worked as a dispatcher, freight manager, fleet owner, and operated my little fleet under my own authority. But for most of my trucking career I have been an owner/operator.

Stay safe out there so you can make it home,