Mile Post – 000,000

There are so many things I get to see while driving all over this beautiful country of ours that I want to share them with you.  I will call these posts “Mile Post – ” with a mileage amount that coincides with the amount of miles I have driven so far for the year.  I’m starting with zero miles for each year instead of my total life miles on the road because I would have to spend a lot of time, and who has that much time spare time, to calculate all the miles I have driven in big trucks in my lifetime.  My guess is I am close to 3 million miles so far.  But guessing just won’t do.  So, I will start at zero.

These posts will be about anything I find interesting along the way as I’m going down the road.  I will share whatever seems interesting.  And I’ll include photos and video as much as i can to show it all for you.

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