Mile Post 2,532 – James Dean Memorial Junction

Here He Became Legend

I drove through the “James Dean Memorial Junction” at California Highway’s 46 and 41 today.  This is the location where James Dean lost his life in a car accident.  Really though, it was a crash.  Back in the day it was all blamed on James Dean for speeding.  But, today they say he wasn’t speeding at all.  That the car driven by Donald Turnupseed simply turned in front of him because he did not see the silver Porsche that Dean was driving.

It’s probably as simple as that – someone did not notice the other vehicle.  But, because of this accident, a legend was born.

If James Dean had survived this crash, I believe he would not have become the icon he has.  No one would be talking about him today.


This interchange is different today than it was in 1955. The impact occurred between the first and second arrow in the lane I am traveling in.

Over by the fence you can see a flag, that is where James Dean’s car came to a rest after the crash.

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