Mile Post 96,400 – Yellowstone National Park

I Love Driving Through Yellowstone National Park

I am so happy every time I get to drive through Yellowstone National Park.  It’s my favorite park!  Granted, I’m not allowed to drive through most parts of the park in a commercial vehicle, but trucks can drive up and down U.S. 191 on the western edge of the park in Montana (and 5 miles of Wyoming) without a problem.  It’s the main route for trucks between Bozeman, MT and Idaho Falls, ID.

We vacationed there in the summer of 2011 as a family and fell in love with the place.  It’s huge!  We could spend a month there and not want to leave.  The wildlife, rivers, falls, geysers (Old Faithful), hot pools, bisons, bears, wolves, and so much more to see will have us going back more in the future.

The Gallatin River winds it’s way down along this road.  We rafted down that river making a lot of memories as we went along.  So as I drive through there, those memories come back to me.  That’s why I love driving through there.

Entering Yellowstone National Park on US 191 in Montana

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