My Home Away from Home

When gone for long periods, it’s nice to have a home with you along the way

Being on the road away from home for long periods of time can really suck. Fortunately for me I have a pretty nice home on wheels that I live in throughout my travels.  It is a 2012 Volvo 780. It’s an eighteen wheeler, in case you were wondering.  So while I’m hauling freight all over this beautiful nation, my home away from home, and my bed, is with me on every mile I cover. At any time I want, everything I need is with me – except a shower. Yes, I have a toilet in the truck, and it’s a lifesaver at times!

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 3

Sharing the Road

In this episode I catch up with you on all that’s been going on since the last episode, which really was a long time ago.  The main topic in this one is about sharing the road with each other.  A few insights on what affects the way we drive, from regulations to the laws of physics (in other words – weight).  Listen in and maybe we can help each other while we share the road together.

The Long Haul Life Podcast Episode 2

A Quick Update

A quick update on the Long Haul Life Podcast – it’s not over!  It’s been a busy 4th quarter for 2017.  I do apologize that there hasn’t been a new podcast in quite some time.  There will be a lot of new content coming in 2018.  I will get podcasts out on a regular schedule.  Plus, I have plans for video content on YouTube!  That’s where I hope to convey what life on the road is like.

I’m looking forward to all that 2018 is going to bring!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mile Post 96,400 – Yellowstone National Park

I Love Driving Through Yellowstone National Park

I am so happy every time I get to drive through Yellowstone National Park.  It’s my favorite park!  Granted, I’m not allowed to drive through most parts of the park in a commercial vehicle, but trucks can drive up and down U.S. 191 on the western edge of the park in Montana (and 5 miles of Wyoming) without a problem.  It’s the main route for trucks between Bozeman, MT and Idaho Falls, ID.

We vacationed there in the summer of 2011 as a family and fell in love with the place.  It’s huge!  We could spend a month there and not want to leave.  The wildlife, rivers, falls, geysers (Old Faithful), hot pools, bisons, bears, wolves, and so much more to see will have us going back more in the future.

The Gallatin River winds it’s way down along this road.  We rafted down that river making a lot of memories as we went along.  So as I drive through there, those memories come back to me.  That’s why I love driving through there.

Entering Yellowstone National Park on US 191 in Montana

The Long Haul Life Podcast – Episode 1

Hours of Service

Podcast-My first podcast!  I give a little introduction about myself and talk about Hours of Service that drivers have to abide by.

Official Website –


Getting My First Podcast Produced

I’ll have a new podcast out soon where I will talk about the stuff I do and see out here on the road. Along with that, I’ll bring in topics that are truck industry related to help you understand what we put up with. I’m recording the first episode tonight, so it will be out there for you in the next week.

Married Life While on the Road

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive

Sheri and I just celebrated our 29th anniversary. I’m not surprised by that.  We intend to stay married until we die.  But I am amazed at how we have managed to accomplish it.  You see, for most of our marriage I have been on the road.  Now, we have been through a lot, just like all married couples.  But when you add into the mix the distance of the road, well, that just makes those times even harder to get through and stay together.  Fortunately, we have kept our marriage intact.  In fact, it’s better today than it has ever been.

Married life can be good, or, it can be bad.  It really depends on you, not your spouse.  Sure, we help each other through tough times.  But if you think it’s 50/50, you have lost.  I mean, we all have our ups and downs.  I get grumpy too often.  And I apologize for that when I do.  I also apologize for almost everything I do wrong, at least when I recognize I did wrong.  And the times I don’t, she let’s me know, and I apologize to her for those too.  Even  if I think I didn’t do any wrong.

It’s simple.  You have to give more than you take from your wife, more than anybody else in your life.  More than ANYONE else.  That means you let her take care of things at home while you are away on the road and never, ever, give her the riot act over anything.  When you get angry, check yourself.  That can be really tough at times.  I know.  Life out there really sucks most of the time.  And when you are most frustrated with it, that’s when things go wrong back home.  That’s when she will call to explain her decision because she couldn’t reach you for your help.  I have learned that she made the best decision she could possibly make, so shut up if you think it was the wrong one.  And thank her for taking care of the problem.  If it sets you back financially, well, she knew that too at the time.  So give her a break, because women do not like unstable financial situations.  She didn’t make that decision without considering that too.  And believe me, I have been a complete ass and done this all wrong a few times.  Thank God she has put up with me.  I advise you to not be that ass.

Now, there are no two couples alike.  We all have so many different quirks and problems.  But all of us do want the same thing, a happy marriage.  And one of the ways I have found to have that is to always be nice to your spouse.  After all, she is the most important person you have in your life.  Tell her you love her every time you speak on the phone.  And talk on that phone a few times a day if you can.  Most days we do, some days it’s just once for a minute or two.  But we always tell each other we love each other.  Always.  Even when we’re (I am) grumpy.  And if a call is impossible, well there’s no excuse for not texting it.

Your marriage is the most, and on the top, relationship you will ever have.  Give it your utmost attention.  Think about what you are going to say before you say it anytime you are talking with her.  She will give you a lot of room to vent, more than anyone else in the world will.  But also know that while you are doing that, you are making her day a real bummer.  I still have to check myself when I get on my box.  Then I say I’m sorry when I’m done, and try to remember to thank her for listening to my rant.

Take care of your relationship.  Like it’s the most important thing in your life.  Because it is.

Mile Post 2,532 – James Dean Memorial Junction

Here He Became Legend

I drove through the “James Dean Memorial Junction” at California Highway’s 46 and 41 today.  This is the location where James Dean lost his life in a car accident.  Really though, it was a crash.  Back in the day it was all blamed on James Dean for speeding.  But, today they say he wasn’t speeding at all.  That the car driven by Donald Turnupseed simply turned in front of him because he did not see the silver Porsche that Dean was driving.

It’s probably as simple as that – someone did not notice the other vehicle.  But, because of this accident, a legend was born.

If James Dean had survived this crash, I believe he would not have become the icon he has.  No one would be talking about him today.


This interchange is different today than it was in 1955. The impact occurred between the first and second arrow in the lane I am traveling in.

Over by the fence you can see a flag, that is where James Dean’s car came to a rest after the crash.

Mile Post – 000,000

There are so many things I get to see while driving all over this beautiful country of ours that I want to share them with you.  I will call these posts “Mile Post – ” with a mileage amount that coincides with the amount of miles I have driven so far for the year.  I’m starting with zero miles for each year instead of my total life miles on the road because I would have to spend a lot of time, and who has that much time spare time, to calculate all the miles I have driven in big trucks in my lifetime.  My guess is I am close to 3 million miles so far.  But guessing just won’t do.  So, I will start at zero.

These posts will be about anything I find interesting along the way as I’m going down the road.  I will share whatever seems interesting.  And I’ll include photos and video as much as i can to show it all for you.